Cell Culture Technology Center in Ulm, Germany

Ulm: Cell Culture Technology Center in Research and Scientific Hub in Southern Germany

Sartorius continues to efficiently support manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals with its innovative cell line development and cell culture media facility at Science Park III in Ulm. The site features special laboratories designed to develop cell lines and optimize cell culture media. The company has deep expertise in cell line development technology, having completed more than 120 projects.

Video: Guided tour of Sartorius site in Ulm, Germany - Originally broadcast live on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

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November 18, 2021 – Sartorius Opens Cell Culture Technology Center in the Scientific Hub of Ulm, Germany

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Currently, there are more than 100 employees working at the Ulm, Germany site. Sartorius anticipates further job growth in the future.

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30 mn

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> 6,000 m2

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Head of Lab Operations, CTS

David Van Meter

Our goal in partnering with biomanufacturing customers around the world is to ensure they are able to streamline their processes with innovative technology, equipment and services. Our recently opened Cell Culture Technology Center in the research and scientific hub of Ulm is an outstanding example of how Sartorius is meeting customers where they  need us and helping a robust supply chain for their therapeutic development.

Supporting Customer Growth

Biomanufacturing is complex, with manufacturers seeking solutions for efficient cell line development, global production continuity, supply chain resilience, security, and integrity to ensure patient access to live-saving medicines.

Sartorius continues to support customers in their local geographic markets with technology and equipment investments that help streamline and accelerate their processes.

The Ulm, Germany Cell Culture Technology Center with more than 6,000 m2 of space, offers cutting-edge cell line development and cell culture optimization, which biologic manufacturers need to produce advanced medicines and life-saving therapeutics. The facility has been operational since 2021 and notable details include:

  • Capacity to accommodate 120 Cell Line Development project every year
  • Was granted a DGNB Gold certification in August 2021, the most advanced system of its kind that sets a global benchmark for sustainability
  • 100+ employees supporting cell line and production processes; technology licensing for manufacturing proteins and cell culture media
Site Details

Sartorius Cell Culture Technology Center
Marie-Goeppert-Mayer-Str. 9,
89081 Ulm, Germany

Phone:  +49 731 206520
Mail: empfang.ulm@sartorius.com

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