Beijing: A Continuously Expanding Operations Hub for China

Beijing: A Continuously Expanding Operations Hub for China

To meet the growing needs of local customers in the rapidly growing Chinese biopharma market, Sartorius has been continuously investing in its Beijing site.

The latest activities include:​

  • New commercial office for technical applications, sales, marketing and customer service functions (2023)
  • Modernized office space, meeting and training rooms (2022)
  • Additional cleanroom space to produce single-use products (2022)
  • New Customer Interaction Center (2021)

Video: Guided tour of the Sartorius site in Beijing, China, 2022.

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April 22, 2021 - Sartorius opens new Customer Interaction Center in Beijing

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New Desk Workplaces

+ 40 %

Friendly and modern work environment


New Cleanrooms

+ 1,800 m²

production of single-use products


Customer Interaction Center​

~ 700 m²​

final acceptance tests, validation, adjustment services

Impressions from the Beijing Site

Head of Operations Beijing

Yuguang Zhao

Sartorius is participating in the dynamic development of China's lab products and biopharmaceuticals market. The ongoing modernization and expansion of our Operations Hub in Beijing enables us to fulfill the demands of our domestic customers and to respond to their needs more quickly.

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Site Details

Sartorius Scientific Instruments (Beijing) Co., Limited​
No. 33 Yu’An Road, Konggang Industrial Zone B, Shunyi District​
Beijing 101300​

Phone: +86.28.8666.6877

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