Sep 30, 2022
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Water Management Activities Lead to 30% Reduction in Consumption

Bangalore Site Awarded for Sustainability Efforts

The Sartorius site in Bangalore has reduced its water consumption by more than 30 percent in 2021 compared to 2020. In September 2022, the team was awarded the second place in the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) national competition for “Excellence in Water Management”.

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Hard work pays off. This wisdom is especially true when it comes to sustainability work. 

With nearly 700 employees, the Sartorius site in Bangalore, India, manufactures solutions for biopharma production worldwide. Beside taking care of operations on-site, the India team started intense initiatives in order to contribute to the company's sustainability ambitions.

How do we understand and manage sustainability?

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Against the backdrop of water scarcity risks in the community where the site operates, the local team led by Nagaraj Eshwarappa, Manager of General Services and Environment Health and Safety; Naveenchandra Chandravalli Beemanaik, Executive for Maintenance; and Rijo Naduparambil, Engineer for Maintenance, took a closer look into the site’s water consumption.

Defining and implementing activities

”We wanted to take on our responsibility within the community and for our environment by improving water consumption. For this complex task, we decided to bring in a competent and effective partner,” says Nagaraj Eshwarappa.

In a first step, they formed a committee to identify water saving potentials. In a second step, they presented their findings to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – their partner of choice.

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The CII performed a water audit and conducted a hydrological survey. Only then did the real work on water conservation improvements begin: The team installed water-saving equipment and rainwater harvesting devices as well as flow meters and water level controllers across the campus to measure the groundwater level and record the data. “To raise awareness, we also educated employees on water scarcity issues and displayed informational posters”, says Nagaraj Eshwarappa. 

We wanted to take on our responsibility within the community and for our environment by improving water consumption

Nagaraj Eshwarappa, Manager of General Services and Environment Health and Safety

Proven success: effective reduction of water consumption

The activities to reduce, reuse and recycle water have proven to be a great success: In total, water consumption was reduced by almost 30 percent in 2021 compared to 2020; for 2022 the site aims at further 7 to 10 percent savings.

30% reduction in water consumption in 2021 compared to 2020

The CII, who has been rewarding companies in India for successfully implemented projects in the field of sustainability for almost two decades, recognized this success: In September 2022, it awarded the Bangalore site with the second place in the national competition “Excellence in Water Management”. 

“We thankfully acknowledge the sustained efforts put in by all the team members in our journey towards saving resources and reducing our impact, which resulted in these outstanding achievements and recognition by our partner CII. We look forward to continued progress in our conservation initiatives,” says Nagaraj Eshwarappa.

Solar power on Bangalore campus

Water conservation is only one field of action to become a more sustainable plant in Bangalore. Another one is the use of solar power: Since July 2022, more than 40 percent of electricity used on-site has come from around 1,500 solar modules installed on the buildings across the production site. The use of solar power decreased the output of carbon emissions about one third and saves about 700 tons CO2 emissions per year.

    More on how we aim to reduce our CO2 emission intensity

The 12,000 m² production site outside Bangalore

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