Apr 17, 2023
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Supporting Early STEM Education

Sartorius supports the Lower Saxony state competition of “Jugend Forscht – Schüler experimentieren” to promote STEM education

Three jurors are listening to one participant explaining his experiment. © THOMASSCHIEFKEFOTOGRAFIE

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What may look like a common science fair at first, is the “Jugend Forscht” (“Youth Doing Research”) competition, a well-established youth science competition in Germany. Last week, about 70 junior scientists up to the age of 14 came together at the event location in Einbeck for the Lower Saxony state competition, which is supported by Sartorius, to present their research projects.

Held every year, the “Jugend Forscht” competition aims to promote STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) among school students. Young researchers from all over Germany can participate with their science experiments in one of seven disciplines or cross-disciplinary. At the event in Einbeck, the younger of two age brackets competed for the state champion in each discipline, to become national champion they will have to re-enter the competition when they are older as the state level is the final stage for this age bracket.

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Students listening to the welcome speech on the first day of the competition. © Sartorius
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A Sartorius apprentice shows a group of interested students how the Sartorius Minisart® filters can extract the color from lemonade. © Sartorius
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A participant is showcasing her results to a group of interested students. © THOMASSCHIEFKEFOTOGRAFIE
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A participant is doing his experiment in front of the jury. © THOMASSCHIEFKEFOTOGRAFIE
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Each participating team has their own box to showcase their experiments and findings. © Sartorius
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A crowd has gathered on the last day of the competition and is awaiting the announcement of the winning teams. © THOMASSCHIEFKEFOTOGRAFIE

As a partner of life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry, Sartorius supports the event as it fosters the students’ curiosity for science and scientific jobs about which they could learn more at the Sartorius exhibition, for example through experiments in which they remove the color from lemonade, and to provide first ideas and orientation for their future careers. 

Julia Grün, responsible for apprenticeships of laboratory assistants for Biology, Chemistry and Physics at Sartorius, participated as a judge for the experiments in the field of chemistry. “It’s amazing to see the creativity and energy these young scientists bring to the table,” she says. “Their way to think through complex issues and find creative solutions in their experiments was really impressive. As a company, we want to be a place for exactly these people to grow and help them make the most out of their curiosity and talent.”

Julia Grün, responsible for the apprenticeships of laboratory assistants specialized in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at Sartorius, participated as a judge in the chemistry bracket.

On the final day of the competition, prizes were awarded to teams in each discipline (vocational, biology, chemistry, earth and space sciences, mathematics/computer science, physics and technology).   

At Sartorius, currently around 280 young people are doing their vocational training in the areas of scientific, industrial-technical as well as commercial professions, and the company is still looking for ambitious career starters to join the next training cycle in August 2023.

Which Career Is Best for You?

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Physics Laboratory Assistants

You determine the properties of materials and systems by performing experiments or measurement series. You conduct tests, document and analyze the results obtained, and process these. In addition, you perform maintenance on technical testing and processing equipment and ensure they operate correctly.

Chemistry Technicians

You prepare chemical products using organic and inorganic raw materials, carry out and monitor chemical production processes and take care of maintenance and repair of production systems. During manufacture, you take samples to check the quality of the products.

Technical Product Designers

During your vocational training, you will create drawings and diagrams, use computer-aided systems to design and engineer individual parts and sub-assemblies and perform specific, field-related calculations. In addition, you will write the respective documents associated with such parts and sub-assemblies.

Development Engineers for IT Applications

You will develop and program software and customize it to meet specific user requirements. In addition, your tasks include testing IT applications and debugging. Advising and training users will also be a part of your area of responsibilities.

Warehouse Logistics Specialists

In this vocational training program, you take care of incoming and outgoing goods. You organize loading and unloading of goods and their storage. You combine packaged products for shipment, compare quotes and explore the market to source products the company needs to purchase.

Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering | IT

As an engineer for electrical technology, electronics and information technology, you will perform research and develop hardware- and software-controlled equipment and processes.
Partner: Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst (university of applied sciences and arts),
Göttingen, Germany
Duration: 4 years

Bachelor of Science, Business Information Management Systems

Business informatics, i.e., business information systems, constitute the interface between economics and information technologies. This course of studies will qualify you to manage IT projects.
Partner: Private Fachhochschule (private university of applied sciences), Göttingen, Germany
Duration: 3 years

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