May 31, 2022
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Diverse Perspectives, Strong Team

At Sartorius, we foster diversity because it teaches us to be more open. And openness, one of our company values, is a key prerequisite for success. Incorporating diversity at all levels within our organization thus is a strategic objective. And we are doing this because we are convinced that diversity makes our team strong.

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We actively recruit and hire talent with a mix of cultures, genders, age groups, educational backgrounds, and careers, especially in management positions. The benefits of diverse perspectives and experiences result in better understanding our customers, developing customized solutions, and remaining competitive in a global economy.

   Diversity at Sartorius

Becoming more and more international

With its origins in the heart of Europe and the biggest growth markets in the APAC and North America regions, we have become a true global player in the Biopharmaceutical Industry and Laboratories - and we are becoming more international every year. In 2021, more than 4,500 people joined Sartorius around the globe. Today, more than 14,000 people from 110 nations team up at our company, to find creative ways that simplify the work of our customers and to realize our vision: Better health for more people.

A healthy mix of experience and new ideas

By retaining existing employees and integrating new people - whether through recruitment or acquisitions - Sartorius has created a healthy combination of people who know which way the wind blows and those who bring in a fresh breeze.

Number of women on the rise

For years, we have proportionally recruited more women than were already at the company. As this trend continues, the number of female employees is on the rise at Sartorius. Forty-four percent of leaders below the board level are women - including the heads of our sales and marketing departments in both divisions.

With the Sartorius Business Women's Association (SBWA), hundreds of female employees have created an internal network for all ambitious women within the Group to come together, share their experiences and help each other grow. One place for that is the new created Sartorius Mentoring Program for SBWA Members.

   More facts and figures about women at Sartorius

Growth creates jobs - and opportunities

As one of the fastest-growing global life science companies, Sartorius focuses on dynamic markets that will continue to grow for decades. This creates opportunities for those who seize them. We entrust our people with responsibility and, in return, expect the courage to make bold decisions and take risks to move forward. Depending on personal goals and changing priorities in life, you can grow your career in diverse ways – from technical to geographical aspects.

   Career: Join our team and grow with us

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