Sartorius Scholarship

Do you have a first degree in science, engineering, economics or business informatics? When completing your Master’s degree would  you also like to understand how theory is put into practice?

Sartorius offers this as part of the Scholarship Program. We also look to provide some financial support, so that you can focus on your studies during term time. In addition we provide you with a mentor who will advise you on professional and personal development.

Following on we encourage you to apply for internship opportunities with us to further aide your career development,  and get a deeper understanding of  our business, which  in turn with positivity impact the your Master's program.

Learn more about the Scholarship program, experiences and careers of former scholarship holders, as well as our selection process, in our brochure.

Does sound like you? Would you like to learn more about Sartorius and potentially spend some time with us? If yes please apply.


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Here you may find the answers to frequently asked questions

After the job has been advertised on our homepage, you have the opportunity to apply with a complete application for a scholarship until July 31st of the respective year. After the preselection we invite to telephone interviews. On the basis of the preselection as well as the telephone interviews, we invite the applicants to the one-day Assessment Center in Goettingen. On this day, different exercises are performed and at the end of the day you receive a detailed feedback. Furthermore, the decision will be communicated to you.

You are welcome to submit your application directly via our homepage, by July 31st of the respective year.

Please submit your application in English language.

We are looking for up to 4 scholarship holders per year.

Yes, this is important for our payroll to paying you the grant.

The promotion starts in winter of the respective year (October 1st alternatively November 1st).

Our scholarship holders get the grant maximum until they finished their Master thesis.

In addition to the classic expectations that you will receive a matriculation certificate and a grading overview at the beginning of the new semester, we have further expectations for our scholarship holders. We want our scholarship holders to use the opportunity to network within the company and expand their professional and personal development. This is possible, for example, through internships or master's theses, because we are convinced that this can advance your master's program. You always have the opportunity to meet your mentor and discuss topics with him/her - all that is needed is self-motivation. Another option is to write blogs or articles in different topics.

We promote students that study in a scientific, technical or economic study.

In addition to the monetary benefits of 800 € and the reimbursement of semester fees and book money, you get a mentor (expert / executive), who you can address to at any time with a variety of questions. This person also has the opportunity to open doors within the company, so that you can get a comprehensive insight into Sartorius and develop professionally but also personally. You can network with other scholarship holders in the scholarship gatherings planned by us, which take place twice a year in Goettingen, as well.