Streamlining Vaccine Research and Development Resource Guide

Vaccine research, development, and manufacturing processes saw unprecedented advancements over the past two years. Despite this progress, the rise in the global cancer burden and unexpected disease outbreaks highlight the need for rapid preclinical and clinical vaccine development.
This guide, published by Labmanager, details the need for continued improvements in vaccine research, development, and manufacturing. 

Topics covered:

  • Lessons learned from COVID-19
  • Solutions for viral vaccine research 
    • Live cell analysis (immunocytochemistry, Cell health and viability)
    • Advance flow cytometry (antibody affinity, T-cell activation, and exhaustion)
    • Bio-Layer Interferometry (affinity and binding kinetics, epitope binning)
  • Environmental testing (air and wastewater)
  • Pipetting best practices for viral assays

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