iQue Forecyt® Software and T-Cell Activation Workflow Video

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T-cells play a critical role in many therapeutic areas including cancer immunotherapy, adoptive cell therapy, and vaccine development. Multiple analytical instruments are often used to obtain data related to cell health function and type. Combining data together from separate instruments and samples is tedious and inefficient.

The iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform and integrated iQue Forecyt® software, when used with the iQue® Human T Cell Activation Kit, collapse the traditional workflow.  Bead and and cell-based assays can be combined in a single well to simultaneously assess activation, cytokine secretion, phenotypes and cell health.

This video sequence demonstrates the ease of rapid, high content data generation. Faster and more robust, trend and hit identification, are also shown.

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Key Takeaways

  • Combine cell and bead-based assays in a single well
  • Assess activation, cytokine secretion, cell health, and phenotypes
  • Rapidly monitor immune cell function in a high-throughput multiplex flow cytometry assay
  • Visualize all of your data from multiple plates

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  • Immunologists, oncologists, immuno-oncologists.
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  • Drug discovery researchers and laboratory personnel.

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  • Flow cytometry