Air Monitoring

In the food and beverage industry, active monitoring of air quality is becoming increasingly important. In many instances, it is already mandatory and is regulated by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Having your production environment under control will give you the quality that your consumers expect.

Filtration or Impaction: Your Choice

Detect airborne microorganisms: Whether you prefer the gelatin membrane filtration method or the impaction technique, the choice is yours: Sartorius will provide you with the right combination of equipment and services tailored to your preferences with features such as:

  • Portable and stationary sampling systems with built-in airflow compensation
  • Differentiated detection of high colony counts iruses based on the solubility of gelatin
  • Rapid detection thanks to gelatin filter solubility
  • Ready-to-use filters, gelatin disposables and culture media plates
MD 8 Airport

MD8 Air Samplers

The MD8 air samplers, MD8 Airscan and the portable Airport MD8, are designed to detect smallest microorganism in the air.

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Bactair: Making a Big Impact

These prefilled, sterile-packaged, ready-to-connect agar plates allow impaction directly onto the culture media period.

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Gelatin Membrane Filters: Non-Stop Active Air Monitoring

Gelatin filters in conjunction with the MD8 air samplers (gelatin filter method) are used for collection of airborne microbes and viruses.

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