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Technique is key for pipetting: With the right technique you get the most out of your precious samples and make the best use of your valuable time while pipetting without any pain. The Sartorius pipetting academy will give you the background knowledge and practical insights to work efficiently and safely – for best results even in long pipetting series.

Your Benefit

  • You know what your pipette is capable of and when to use which pipetting technique
  • You calibrate your pipette correctly and work in accordance with international quality standards
  • You can instruct your co-workers on ergonomic pipetting postures and solutions


Pipetting Techniques

  • Influence of pipetting techniques and environmental factors on your results
  • Best pipetting practices to save costs and increase efficiency
  • Different types of liquids and the appropriate pipetting technique
  • Precise and reproducible pipetting results – independent of the user


  • Ergonomic risks in the liquid handling environment and how to avoid them
  • Optimal lab environment and posture for ergonomic, efficient and safe pipetting

Pipette Calibration

  • Correct calibration for the most accurate results
  • International quality standards (ISO 8655)

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