How to Select a Mechanical Pipette

Mechanical pipettes are long-lasting tools that are widely used in laboratories of all kinds. Because they are used for several hours a day, ergonomics and personal preferences - such as handling comfort – are important selection criteria. Other factors such as the application, laboratory workflow, required volume ranges, physical properties of the sample, and requirements for accuracy and precision also need to be considered when searching for the right pipette for the job.

Guia Prático de Seleção: Como escolher uma Pipeta Mecânica

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Calibration and Maintenance

All pipettes need regular maintenance to ensure reliable results and maximum instrument lifetime. When choosing a pipette, it is important to consider the service aspects.

More about Pipette Calibration

Do you want the user to be able to perform calibration? If yes, ensure that this is possible and that it is easy to do. If the user will clean the pipette, it should be easy to disassemble and have as few removable parts as possible. The easiest pipettes to clean have only three removable parts and can be disassembled without tools. If you plan to use external calibration and maintenance services, check the location of the closest service center, as well as the quality, cost, and speed of their services.