Hydrophobic PES Membranes for Venting & Gas Filters

Typical applications:

  • Vented caps
  • Sterile vents for cell culture flasks and bottles, bioreactors, fermenters
  • Liquid stopper devices
  • Vent filters in medical devices

Excellent Flow Rates and Gamma Compatibility Bring Your Air and Gas Filtration Ideas to Reality

Our new hydrophobic and oleophobic polyethersulfone membranes are designed for fast air filtration or sterile venting while preventing any liquid passage or condensate blockage. Their high performance and superior gamma stability make them a very efficient and powerful alternative to PTFE and will help you to increase your process and product security. As your OEM membrane solutions partner, we support you finding the best membrane filter for your high-quality venting products including medical devices.

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Microporous PES Membranes - High Efficiency Membranes for Filtration and Venting Applications

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Safety and reliability in sterile venting

  • superior hydrophobicity or oleophobicity
  • high air flow rates
  • compatible with gamma irradiation, EtO and autoclaving
  • reliable retention of particles, aerosols and microorganisms
  • complies with USP Biological Tests Plastic Class VI for biocompatibility and cytotoxicity
  • high thermal and mechanical resistance
  • easy sealable
  • wide choice of pore sizes from 0.2 µm up to 5 µm

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