Advanced Flow Cytometry Applications for Antibody, Small Molecule and Phenotypic Screening


Screening is a cornerstone of drug discovery. Multiplexed, multiparameter screening assays are foundational to the drug discovery process. By collecting more information, researchers may have more confidence in therapeutic candidates as they progress through the discovery and development process.

Flow cytometry is a powerful analytical tool with many applications including antibody and small molecule screening, and cell phenotyping. However, integration of traditional flow cytometry into workflows can be quite complex, this complexity can slow the pace of discovery.

The iQue® Advanced High Throughput Flow Cytometry Platform, represents a powerful and versatile alternative, designed to offer advanced assay capabilities, with the ease-of-use and cost effectiveness sought by research laboratories. Multiplexed, high-throughput measurement of cell-specific parameters, protein analysis, immunophenotyping, functional assessments and profiling, including antibody screening and immune cell activation, deliver breakthrough biological insights with unprecedented speed.

Hence regardless of the application, the iQue® Platform will accelerate and streamline flow cytometry workflows, even for those who are not experts in the use of flow cytometry, delivering actionable results in a decreased timeframe.

This review summarizes recent peer-reviewed publications describing use of the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform for antibody, phenotypic, and small molecule screening, as well as novel applications such as extracellular vesicles and siRNA delivery system screening.

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Target audience: Immunologists, Immuno-oncology, virology researchers, neuroscientists and cancer immunotherapy drug discovery researchers, in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biopharma, research institutes and academia.   

Key Takeaways

Publication Review highlights:

  1. Antibody Screening - Biologics represent a range of approaches including checkpoint modulation, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy, bispecific T cell engagers and neutralizing antibodies.
  2. Phenotypic Screening - Cell-based phenotypic screening is necessary to support selection of the most promising clinical antibody candidates that deliver the desired biological effect, such as cytotoxicity or activation.
  3. Small Molecule Screening - small molecule therapeutics remain an essential modality for treating a wide variety of diseases.
  4. Exosome Screening - Recent clinical trials have analyzed the pharmacokinetics and effectiveness of curcumin for many types of solid tumors as well as multiple myeloma.
  5. Cellular Uptake Screening - The iQue® Platform was used to measure the time and concentration-dependent uptake of siRNA into cells.

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