WEBINAR: Mammalian Cell Design Using Synthetic Biology


Wilson Wong, Ph.D.
Boston University, USA | Assistant Professor


Genetically engineered cells hold great promise for improving therapeutics, diagnostics, animal models, and industrial biotechnological processes. Here I will describe our Universal Chimeric Antigen Receptors for customizable control of T cell responses. This Universal CAR system could improve the safety and efficacy of cellular cancer immunotherapy.  I will also discuss our Boolean and Arithmetic through DNA Excision (BLADE) system for designing genetic circuits with multiple inputs and outputs in mammalian cells.  BLADE enables execution of sophisticated cellular computation, with applications in cell and tissue engineering. Together, the Universal CAR and BLADE systems highlight an expanding toolset for flexibly controlling mammalian cell functions.

Learn more about Sartorius solutions for CAR-T Discovery & Development at www.sartorius.com/car-t-research.

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