WEBINAR: The Therapeutic Promise of Apoptosis


Sartorius & Science Grand Prize Winner
Yaron Fuchs, Ph.D.
Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel | Assistant Professor


Adult stem cells are characterized by their ability to self-renew and differentiate into distinct cell types, positioning them as critical drivers of tissue replenishment and repair. While great strides have been made in our understanding of the various pathways that control the fate and function of stem cells, very little is known regarding the specific mechanisms that govern their elimination. By investigating the hair follicle and intestine, two systems which rely heavily on stem cells, I discovered key proteins that regulate stem cell apoptosis (programmed cell death). Importantly, I found that we can harness the incredible potential of stem cell apoptosis to drive tissue repair and regeneration. In this talk, I also discuss the effect dying cells have on their cellular environment and the critical non-apoptotic roles of proteins that have been classically considered to drive cell death.
It is my hope that these findings may be translated into novel stem cell and apoptosis-based approaches for regenerative medicine and tumor therapy.

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