Screen Bispecific Antibody Using Protein A and His1K Biosensors

Application Note

Rapid quantitative screening of bispecific antibodies using Protein A and HIS1K biosensors

Recent advances in biotechnology have fueled the development of bispecific antibodies, but for those working in bioprocessing or cell line screening, there still remains a number of development challenges. Many traditional technologies for characterizing antibodies are limited in their ability to provide quantitative functional assessment of two interactions to one bispecific molecule, and commonly used assay platforms like ELISA and SPR are time-intensive.
Scientists at Celgene Corporation developed a screening process incorporating the Octet® HTX system to identify pools and clones with higher concentrations of bispecific antibodies. Higher throughput on the Octet system was achieved from the multiple simultaneous measures possible on the system and rapid assays times, such as binding optimization in only 10 minutes. Download our application note to learn how you can minimize time, effort, and cost when screening bispecific candidates.

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