eBook: Your Practical Guide To Basic Laboratory Techniques

“You need to learn to walk before you can run” is a saying many of us probably heard when we were children. The clear message here is that there are some basic skills we need to master before we can move on to the next level.  And there are plenty of good reasons that following this mantra will set one up for success, not the least of which—to continue the metaphor—is avoiding tripping and falling on your face.

In most scientific laboratories, certain fundamental skills are needed to carry out the day-to-day tasks.  Building a solid foundation of these core skills is critical to producing accurate, reproducible experimental results, and to maintain a safe working environment and prevent damage to expensive equipment. The competencies necessary for might include accurately weighing of reagents, purifying proteins or nucleic acids, growing and maintaining cell cultures, and of course knowing how to use micropipettes.

In this booklet we provide useful insights and advice for ensuring that your lab skills are solid and up to date.  Whether you’re an experienced researcher looking for a refresher, or are new to the lab, there’s something in here for everyone.

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