Pipette Essentials - Make Your Choice & How to Select a Mechanical Pipette

Your choice of pipette and pipette tip can make a difference when pipetting cells from the seed and working stocks of your established cell lines. There is a variety of factors to consider when choosing the right pipette for your project(s); but taking the time to select the perfect fit can ensure maximum quality of work and minimum opportunity for error and/or contamination.  

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Commonly Asked Questions  

  • What size pipette should I use? - For the most accurate results, it is suggested a user select the smallest pipette size that will handle the volume to be moved.
  • How can I avoid contamination when using a pipette?  - The three types of pipette-related contamination – pipette-to-sample, sample-to-sample and sample-to-pipette – can be prevented through proper pipetting technique as well as, regular cleaning and maintenance of pipettes and pipette accessories, and using filter tips.
  • Should I get a mechanical or electronic pipette? - There are several factors that can influence pipette choices, including laboratory needs, ease-of-    use, readability and budget. Fortunately, Sartorius offers a variety of mechanical and electronic     pipettes to suit a variety of needs. It ultimately boils down to what works best for the individual user. 

Whether choosing a mechanical or electronic pipette, it is important to shop for the following features:  

  • Accuracy and precision 
  • Easy maintenance  
  • Ergonomic handle 

By taking these factors into consideration, you can ensure a safe and well-maintained working environment, as well as increase the reproducibility of your cell-based projects. Download our checklist of Pipette Essentials & How to Select a Mechanical Pipette guide when determining the right pipette for your lab needs – and find out how to request a demo pipette from Sartorius.

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