Live-Cell Analysis Handbook

Real-Time Live-Cell Analysis is Redefining the Possibilities and Workflows of Cell Biology

Researchers using the Incucyte® Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis approach and suite of validated assays, can monitor cells in real time for days, or even weeks, directly from the incubator. The combination of ease of use and non-invasive measurement, paired with powerful analysis on the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis system, delivers deeper insights about cell behavior and function, faster.

We created the Live-Cell Analysis Handbook as a companion guide for our Incucyte® users. It includes an in-depth discussion of live-cell analysis, with dedicated chapters for different applications using our validated Incucyte® Live-Cell Assays. The handbook is extremely popular with our users, which is why we update it every year with our newest offerings.

The 4th Edition Live Cell Analysis Handbook features some digital updates and seven new live-cell assays. An interactive table of contents, movies of live-cell assays,  direct links to protocols make it easier to find information. As in the previous editions, the handbook provides useful tips for designing experiments, as well as direct AskaScientist links for technical support.

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Table of Contents for the 4th Edition

  1. Introducing Real-Time Live-Cell Analysis
  2. From Images to Answers
  3. Cell Culture Quality Control Assays
    1.  2D Cell Culture QC
    2. Organoid Culture QC NEW!
  4. Kinetic Cell Health, Proliferation and Viability Assays
    1. Proliferation
    2. Apoptosis
    3. Cytotoxicity
    4. Cell Cycle NEW!
    5. ATP Metabolism NEW!
  5. Kinetic Immune Cell Assays 
    1. Immune Cell Activation and Proliferation NEW!
    2. Immune Cell Killing NEW!
    3. NETosis NEW!
    4. Immune Cell Differentiation, Phagocytosis and Chemotaxis NEW!
  6. Kinetic Cell Migration and Invasion Assays
    1. Scratch Wound
    2. Chemotaxis
    3. Transendothelial Migration
  7. Kinetic Assays for Quantifying Protein Dynamics
    1. Antibody Internalization
    2. Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry
  8. Kinetic Assays Utilizing Complex Models 
    1. Multi-Spheroid
    2. Single Spheroid
    3. Spheroid Invasion NEW!
  9. Kinetic Assays for Studying Neuronal Models
    1. Neurite Analysis
    2. Neuronal Activity
    3. Neuroimmune
  10. Appendix
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