Performance Comparison of Low Retention Pipette Tips From Various Manufacturers

Application Note

Pipetting accuracy and precision are the key factors for successful experiments in the laboratory. The best pipetting performance is achieved, when the pipette and tip match perfectly with each other, and the tip being used is optimal for the liquid being transferred. This application note describes the comparison of various manufacturers' low retention tips, when handling liquids that can contain detergents. The results show that Sartorius Low Retention Tips ensure near complete recovery of the sample, when pipetting liquids of low surface tension. They secured also the best sample recovery amd the best chemical resistance.

Keep in mind: Combining your high quality pipettes with advanced tips on top will ensure the pipettes will last for a lifetime. Beyond that, tips featuring low binding technology plastics and manufactured without any leachables that may interfere with chemical analysis are critical for obtaining accurate results in your cannabis product testing.

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