Seminar Category: Fermentation | Cell Culture Technologies

In our courses for microbial and animal fermentation you acquire a competent knowledge of the cultivation procedures in production scale. In the basic courses you learn all the necessary techniques in order to operate independently fermenters and bioreactors. In additional specialized training courses you acquire current methods to cultivate microbial or animal cells in high cell density. Get to know methods for quality assurance or process control and try different cultivation strategies in a computer simulation. You can optimize strategies and discuss critical points during the trouble shooting. In addition, you can specialize yourself in production of antibodies, viruses, serum-free cultivation or adherent culture.

You have always the possibility to discuss your current problems and questions from your own lab. Gladly we even help you after the course or seminar.

A1 - An Introduction to Fermentation

A2 - High Cell Density Cultivation of Escherichia coli

A3 - Basic Course Bioprocess Control

A4 - Bioprocess Control

A5 - ambr 15 Basic Course