Internships for University Students

Are you studying engineering, natural sciences, business or information systems management and looking for an interesting internship? Sartorius can offer you interesting internships in all company departments, such as in Product Development & Corporate Research, Quality Management, Sales, Marketing, Corporate Communications, HR or IT. Even as an intern, we integrate you into ongoing projects and our day-to-day operations.

Regardless of whether you seek a pre- and/or basic internship, compulsory internship or practical semester – we are as flexible as you are when it comes to internship dates: Anything from 6 weeks to 6 months is possible. Remuneration is based on the duration of the internship and the amount of study you have completed. You can read more about the specific criteria and requirements for our internships in our Frequently Asked Questions section or in the job descriptions for each of our vacancies.

Student Traineeships

Are you looking to gain practical experience, but don’t want to take time off from your studies? If that’s the case, you can work for us as a long-term Student trainee alongside your studies and reap double the benefits: You gain key professional experience while earning some money on the side. The reduced number of weekly working hours (usually 10 to 20 a week) let you continue to concentrate on your degree while working at Sartorius.

Interested? Then take a quick look at our Online Job Portal to see whether there’s something offered that fits your needs. If the right position is not available at the moment, order our job subscription and you will always be informed immediately about new job offers that might be of interest to you. Perhaps our paths will cross in the future. For further general information on internships and student traineeships with Sartorius and on the application process, have a look at our FAQs.

In any event: Good luck with the rest of your studies!


Here you may find the answers to frequently asked questions

We are particularly looking for interns/student trainees in the engineering and natural sciences (e.g. mechanical engineering, process engineering, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics), business administration or computer science. Notwithstanding, it is still worthwhile for others to apply, as we offer internships and student traineeships to students from an array of fields.

The prerequisites vary depending on the area of employment and subject area and will be specified in the job announcement. We expect all applicants to have good to very good grades, prior knowledge and experience in the relevant field, good proficiency in the English language, and the ability to work in teams and in a structured manner.

Yes. We want to support students who have to undertake specific internships for their degree program or because their university requires them to. We offer voluntary placements in the form of internships that can be completed alongside your studies and orientation internships to help you decide which career you would like to embark upon in future. We take your needs and the requirements of your college or university into account.

As far as the length of your internship is concerned, we are very flexible – everything between six weeks and six months is possible. From our point of view, an internship of two months or more is optimal: The longer you stay, the more we profit from one another. You can find more information about the length of our internships in our detailed job descriptions.

At present, we remunerate interns who complete a compulsory internship, an internship alongside their studies, or an orientation internship lasting longer than 2 months with EUR 550 per month. In justified individual cases, we will help you find accommodation, and may provide you with a monthly housing allowance. Internships that are covered by minimum wage legislation will, of course, be remunerated in line with the legal requirements.
Student trainees will be paid according to pay grade E2-A of the German metal industry wage agreement. If you were to work 15 hours a week, for example, you would be paid a gross wage of EUR 876.

Student trainees work between 10 and 20 hours a week. This primarily depends on your capacities and your major subject. You will have to arrange the exact distribution of your weekly hours individually with the respective department. Most student trainees work at least 2 days a week at our company.

As a rule, only enrolled students can work as student trainees. The term of the employment contract per se is unlimited and can cover several semesters.

Please apply directly for an advertised position exclusively online via our Online Job Portal. You can attach all of your application documents (cover letter, curriculum vitae, references etc.) and your conditions of study there.

You should apply about 2 to 3 months before you plan to start at our company. In isolated cases, you may get quicker results if a department has a sudden demand. Hence, an application is recommended in all cases. You can find more information about our schedule and upcoming start dates in the relevant job description.

After a short-list is created based on written applications, the first interview usually takes place with the respective department and a recruiter. This will usually give the applicant the opportunity to gather first impressions about the workplace and potential future colleagues.

Every application should include a strong cover letter, a complete curriculum vitae in tabular form, and your most recent certificates/transcripts. Please also attach a current certificate of matriculation and your conditions of study. Your motivation is important to us – tell us why you decided on Sartorius and what you expect of your work with our company.

Think about what your skills are, what you want and what you expect from us. Write down the questions you want to ask during the interview.

Even though everyone has to try to "sell themselves" a little on an application: Be authentic and talk about yourself. We want to get acquainted with you as well as possible. Also, take advantage of the opportunity to make find out if Sartorius is the right fit for you.