MD8 Airscan® monitors ambient air in cleanrooms and controlled areas in the (c)GMP environment for viable microorganisms.

The MD8 Airscan® provides non-stop active air monitoring for at least 8 hours, using only one single gelatin membrane filter. Rule out false negative results; the proprietary, USP-approved filter retains even the smallest airborne microorganisms and monitors viability at the most accurate level. 

MD8 Airscan®: Convenient, continuous monitoring no one else can offer

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New Webinar:  Annex I Impacts on Microbial Air Monitoring

Annex I specifies that environmental monitoring methods should not pose a risk of contamination. Given this, how can companies best achieve air monitoring while staying compliant? 

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Active air monitoring with MD8 Airscan®

NEW APPLICATION NOTE | Continuous Microbial Air Monitoring in Clean Room Environments Application Note

Be prepared for Annex 1 regulations. Learn how to benefit from implementing continuous microbial air monitoring.

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NEW APPLICATION NOTE | Air Monitoring in Cleanroom Environments by Gelatin Filters according to EN 17141 and ISO 14698

Be prepared for the recent standards and guidelines, such as the EN 17141 and the revision of the EU GMP Annex 1.

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Non-stop Active Air Monitoring For At Least 8 Hours

Unique gelatin membrane filters are agar-free, thus not drying out during long-term sampling and do not influence growth.

Easy Handling and Monitoring With the MD8 Airscan® Command Unit

The MD8 Airscan® Command Unit is made from plastic material PA6 with 30% glass-fiber and weighs only 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs). It includes 2 LEDs for displaying operating status and errors, stores up to 300 test results from different sampling heads, and has a port for connecting a thermal transfer printer. It has a quick connector for fast accessibility with the sampling heads.

Be Confident With Monitored Results

Stores up to 300 test results from different sampling heads and displays operating status and errors. 

RS-232 interface port for connecting with a thermal transfer printer to meet pharmaceutical industry needs.

Choose Your Sampling Head Based on Your Requirements

Use the stainless steel tri-clamp connector to install the MD8 Airscan® as an integrated unit in your lab’s air-line. Or, use the specially designed stainless steel bayonet connector for operation as a stand-alone benchtop unit.

Transfer Materials Between Critical Zones Without Numerous Disinfectio...

Collapse and streamline your work processes: transfer materials between cleanroom classifications aseptically with the Biosafe®Port and gelatin membrane filters in single-use Biosafe® Bags.

Stand-Alone Benchtop Version

The specially designed bayonet connector allows the unit to function as a “stand-alone benchtop version”.

Use One MD8 Airscan® Command Unit to Check Different Sampling Heads

Quick connector for fast accessibility



Brochure: Gelatine Membrane Filter Method For Quantitative, Validatable Air Monitoring in Isolators and Clean Rooms

PDF | 3.0 MB

Product Datasheet: Gelatin Membrane Filters in Biosafe® Bags

PDF | 647.5 KB

Product Datasheet: MD8 Airscan

PDF | 624.1 KB

Product Datasheet

Gelatine Filter Disposables

PDF | 376.3 KB

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