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Safety and Security in Every Step of Sterility Testing

It is essential that you fully comply with the International Pharmacopeia in every step of your production process and final release testing. Sartorius offers a wide array of closed, compatible and cost-efficient sterility testing systems that protect your samples from secondary contamination and your lab personnel from hazards when handling spikes and needles.

Sterisart® NF: Differentiation by Experience

It’s about more than just products, it’s about a comprehensive customer solution consisting of ready-to-use devices and pumps, supported by an extensive service package and inspired by your lab testing requirements:

  • Extensive product diversity
  • Ergonomically friendly handling
  • One system for the entire testing procedure
  • Designed for use in laminar flow and isolators
  • Backed by a global network of highly qualified service engineers and accredited local service centers

Products for Sterility Testing

Sterisart® NF Septum: Safe and Easy Sterile Sampling  

For reliable sterility testing of prefilled syringes, easy-to-dissolve powder and of closed, unvented sample containers.

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Validation Services: Confidence in Products and Processes

With over 15 years of experience, Sartorius continues to lead and innovate in product- and process-specific validation services.

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