Culture Media

Nutrient pad sets, media ampules to be used with Biosart® all-in-one monitors for filtration, incubation and liquid broth media in bottles and tubes, all feature a long shelf life. Microsart @media agar dishes enable you to transfer membrane filters without using tweezers!

Please use the product configurator to guide you to the right media and packaging to meet your needs.

Nutrient Pad Sets

Nutrient pad sets for colony counting by the membrane filter method are dehydrated, sterilized, and storable for 24 months.

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Biosart® 100 Nutrient Media

Ready to use media ampoules for microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, water and other liquids.

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Microsart® @media

Pre-filled dishes with different types of agar medium, sterile-packaged and ready to use.

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Culture Media Bottles and Tubes

Agar media for colony counting by the membrane filtration method or via direct incubation.

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