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Active and Accurate Air Monitoring: Know Your Limits

In the most critical of environments of the pharma | biotech industry, you need to know exactly which and how many biocontaminants are in the air – your process and product safety depend on it. Don’t be passive, get active in air sampling!

Filtration or Impaction: Your Choice

Detect airborne microorganisms or viruses reliably using a validatable method that eliminates adverse effects on your test area. Whether you prefer the gelatin membrane filtration method or the impaction technique, Sartorius will provide you with the right combination of equipment and services tailored to your needs:

  • The highest retention rates for bacteria, viruses, spores and phages
  • Stationary and portable systems with built-in airflow compensation
  • Ready-to-use filters, gelatin disposables and culture media plates
  • Solution available for laminar flow and isolators
  • Continuous air sampling without loss of sensitivity

Products for Sterility Testing

Isokinetic air monitoring with unequalled retention levels for bacteria, viruses, spores and phages. On-site calibration options for the Airport MD8 and the MD8 Airscan ensure easy equipment maintenance.

MD8 Air Samples

MD8 air samplers, MD8 airscan and portable Airport MD8 for detection of airborne microorganisms.

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