White Paper: Use of Advanced Flow Cytometry to Accelerate Antibody Screening and Characterization, and Reveal Deeper Biological Insights

The iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform is specifically designed for high-throughput, large-scale screening, making it the ideal platform for antibody discovery workflows. The technology integrates rapid data acquisition and powerful analysis to enable multiplexed assays and easy interpretation of complex datasets.

This white paper describes how biopharmaceutical companies, AbX Biologics, Ablynx, (a Sanofi company), Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Avacta Life Sciences, are using the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform in high throughput antibody screening and characterization workflows.

Featured Studies:

  • Hybridoma-Based Antibody Discovery:  Identification of a lead therapeutic antibody candidate capable of inducing cell death, with single-digit nano-molar affinity to the target of interest.
  • Multiplexing Nanobody Screening and Characterization:  The iQue® platform was used to accelerate the screening and characterization of camelid nanobodies, which are single-variable domains from heavy chain-only antibodies.
  • Multiplexing Specificity and Species Cross Reactivity:  An on-cell binding assay for the purpose of hybridoma screens and purified antibody affinity assessments.
  • IgG Titer Determination:  IgG capture beads, which have a distinguishable scattering pattern from cells, can be multiplexed with cells to measure hybridoma IgG concentration, providing additional insights to guide hit selection.

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