iQue®️ Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform Application Posters: Antibody Discovery and Immuno-Oncology

The speed of discovery in immuno-oncology and antibody-based therapies relies on the amount of data that can be generated from a single well and the ability to perform experiments in high throughput. It also depends on the speed at which complex data sets can be acquired and analyzed into relevant, actionable insight.

We have gathered a collection of scientific posters that illustrate how scientists are using the iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform, to develop multiplexed, high-throughput assay workflows and speed up the time-to-results.

Poster titles include:

  • A High-Throughput, Multiplex Antibody Internalization Assay
  • Characterization of Bispecific T Cell Engager (BiTE) Antibody-Mediated Cell Killing Using a Combined Live-Cell and Flow Cytometry Workflow
  • Developing a Novel, Multiplexed Immune Assay Platform to Screen Kinase Modulators of T Cell Activation
  • Quantifying and Phenotyping Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) in Vitro Using Advanced Flow Cytometry
  • Assessment of NK Cell-Mediated Killing and Phenotypic Analysis Using Advanced Flow Cytometry and an Optimized Multiplexed Assay

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