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As biomanufacturing increasingly adopts single-use solutions, reliable disconnections are critical for maintaining closed systems. Process integrity and operator safety depends on the technology. Plans to aseptically disconnect these systems must be part of the overall process plan to ensure proper containment.

By matching process needs with disconnection technology capabilities, biomanufacturers can streamline and protect valuable process fluids.

This Studio Science broadcast will provide a virtual demonstration of the practical solutions and technologies that Sartorius provides for confident and reliable aseptic disconnection.

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What Will You Learn:

  • Watch how to thermally seal using the market leading automated device, Biosealer® TC
  • Appreciate the simplicity of the Quickseal® collar system and intuitive point-of-use application
  • Consider the opportunities to apply the manual Clipster® for aseptic disconnection

Meet Our Experts:

Carsten Teusner

Operational Product Manager, Sartorius

Carsten Teusner is Operational Product Manager, Connection & Disconnection Portfolio, based in Goettingen, Germany. Since joining Sartorius in 2010, Carsten has used his extensive filed applications experience in the Fluid Management Technologies sector, becoming first Product Manager, responsible for the Tubing & Transfer sets, and more recently in 2020, has focused his attention on the Connection and Disconnection Portfolio. Carsten gained his degree in Bioengineering from the University of Aachen in 2009.

Franz Reischer

Strategy Product Manager, Sartorius

Franz Reischer is the Strategy Product Manager for the Connection & Disconnection Portfolio, based in Goettingen, Germany. Franz joined Sartorius in 2021, bringing with him over 15 years industry experience, specializing in confocal microscopy and high-precision metrology.

Franz gained his PhD in Materials Science from the Technical University of Freiburg.

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