Webinar | From IVT to Final Filtration - Get the Most From Your mRNA Process

Using batch and fed-batch approaches and the support of at-line analytical tools, IVT reactions can produce mRNA reaching 12g/L. We demonstrated how to achieve high recovery and quality using the Hydrosart TFF cassette and our Sartopore 2 for sterile filtration.   

What Will You Learn:

  1. IVT strategies and how to optimize them 
  2. How to apply affinity and nonaffinity mRNA capture 
  3. How to perform a high-yield sterilizing grade filtration of mRNA with various buffers 

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Meet Our Experts: 

Rok Sekirnik

Head of Process Development, mRNA/pDNA, Sartorius

Rok Sekirnik graduated with a degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford, where he also completed his PhD. His team at BIA Separations, now a Sartorius company, focuses on developing high-yielding, cost-effective purification approaches for pDNA and mRNA production.

Marc Noverraz

Process Technology Manager for Separation Technologies

Marc Noverraz joined Sartorius in 2021 as a Process Technology Manager for separation technologies. He earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering from EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.  
At Sartorius, his work focuses on downstream processing of new modalities and how to fit Sartorius technologies into processes like AAV, lentivirus, and mRNA.