Introducing BioPAT® Spectro - a Scalable Raman Spectroscopy Platform for Ambr® and Biostat STR® Bioreactors

A Quality by Design Tool That Unlocks the Full Potential of Raman Spectroscopy

We're excited to welcome you to our webinar on BioPAT® Spectro - unlocking the full potential of Raman spectroscopy in high-throughput process development and single-use biomanufacturing.

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Discover how BioPAT® Spectro enables ultimate process monitoring and control:

  • A new Raman spectroscopy platform that is integrated in the Ambr® 15, Ambr® 250 and Flexsafe STR® bags from 50L – 2000L
  • Scalable platform with standardized optical probe interface across Ambr® and Flexsafe STR® facilitates model transfer
  • Compatible with two leading providers of Raman spectrometers: Kaiser Optical Systems and Tornado Spectral Systems
  • Full integration in Ambr® including automated data acquisition and consolidation, automated spiking with stock solutions and contextualization of Raman spectral data with all process data by the Ambr® software
  • Fully integrated and qualified BioPAT® Spectro single-use port in Flexsafe STR® bags, which shields the measurement from ambient light, reduces set-up time, and decreases contamination risks.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. How BioPAT® Spectro is integrated with Ambr® and Biostat STR® in an easy-to-use and scalable manner that unlocks the potential of Raman Spectroscopy for the bioprocess industry
  2. How several parameters can be monitored and controlled with just one technology in high-throughput process development and commercial manufacturing demonstrated with process data
  3. How you can upgrade your existing equipment to implement BioPAT® Spectro

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