Report: Process Intensification - Key Considerations and Expert Insights

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Benefits of Process Intensification for Biologics Manufacturing

Key Considerations and Insights from Industry Experts

While biologics promise to advance therapeutics and biotechnology, their manufacturing process is more complex than most pharmaceutical products. Solving pain points in biologics production is important for serving patients in need and maintaining profitability. Intensifying your bioprocess can help accomplish this, but you’ll need to consider various intensification strategies to craft an effective approach.

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This report will discuss process intensification strategies and highlight five areas in which they can help biologics manufacturers achieve organizational goals. The report contains insights from industry leaders and experts, from pharma to CDMOs.

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Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about different technological and strategic options for intensifying your bioprocesses.

  • Understand how process intensification can help you increase productivity, reduce timelines, minimize footprint, lower costs, or add flexibility.

  • Get expert insights into how ideal process intensification strategies can differ between types of organizations and modalities produced.