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Process Intensification:

Key Considerations and Expert Insights

To help you succeed with Process Intensification, we’ve partnered with 20 bioprocess technology experts from around the globe - such as AstraZeneca, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Octapharma, and more – to share critical considerations based on their experiences. Read insights from all 20 experts. 

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Explore real-world scenarios to find the best approach for your organization.  

Gain data-driven insights and top considerations about the challenges faced and benefits realized.  

Discover the top five areas in which process intensification strategies can help biologics manufacturers achieve their organizational goals.  

  • Increasing Productivity 
  • Shortening Timelines 
  • Reducing Footprint 
  • Reducing COGs 
  • Increasing Flexibility 

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Jonathan Haigh, Ph.D., Vice President of Process Development at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

Intensifying a bioprocess by implementing perfusion-based bioreactors can offer as much as a three- to ten-fold improvement in volumetric productivity, depending on scale and the molecule.