Poster: Daily Stretches

When it comes to laboratory work, it is important to consider ergonomics and self-care. Repetitive activities such as pipetting can cause strain on the body. Even in busy work environments, you should always be mindful of how you feel to avoid injury and exhaustion. 

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Commonly Asked Questions 

  • What is laboratory ergonomics? - Ergonomics is the study of workplace productivity and how it can be affected by environmental factors. Laboratory settings provide a variety of stressors that can evolve into stress disorders and injuries.  
  • How can I minimize physical stress when pipetting? - Keep pipetting materials close at hand to avoid excessive reaching and crossing the body line. If pipetting while seated, adjust the chair so your back is in a neutral position and you can work with elbows close to the body. If standing, make sure there is ample leg room and the bench is adjusted to the height of your elbows.
  • How can repetitive stress injuries be avoided in the lab?  - It is very important to take breaks when necessary and allow the muscles to rest and recuperate. When working, always be mindful of your posture and working position - make adjustments when necessary. Finally, make sure you are using ergonomic pipettes that suit your particular laboratory needs. 

To stave off muscle tension and strain, it is recommended that lab workers take a few moments to stretch. Download this poster with a handful of stretching exercises designed to ease muscle tension in areas strained during static working postures.

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