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Accelerate Time to Clinic by Automating Cell Line Development

July 6, 2022
12pm - 1pm EST

When it comes to the commercialization of a biological product, effective, high-quality cell line development is essential for your success. 

Sartorius’ technologies are the most popular choice of labs globally for the early identification of stable, scalable, and high-titer cell lines.

Join this webinar to learn how our high-throughput platforms - Octet®, iQue®, and Ambr®15, along with the ALS CellCelector automated single cell and colony picking system - significantly accelerate clone selection and characterization process, ensuring that the optimal clone is chosen for final expansion, paving the way toward commercialization.

Clare  Szybut, Senior Scientist, Sartorius
Juan Bastidas, Development & Technology Consultant - Key Accounts, North America
Victoria Yatsula, Regional Business Manager – BioAnalytics, North America

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