Design of Experiments (DOE) using MODDE®

Design of Experiments (DOE) is a rational and cost-effective approach to practical experimentation that allows the effect of variables to be assessed using only the minimum of resources. The course is composed of lectures, demonstrations, and computer exercises in software MODDE® based on real-life investigations. We always strive to deliver great training with a focus on the participants and the learning capacity. To ensure good training quality, the training is split over four sessions. One home exercise per session is included and it is expected that the course delegates work on each exercise outside the session time.

Who Should Attend

Intended for researchers, scientists and engineers from all sectors of industry and academia. Typical applications include product development, process improvement, optimization, validation and quality control. No prior knowledge of statistics is assumed.

Course Overview

Selected Course Content

  • Understanding the DOE concept
  • Data modeling and diagnostics
  • Create a solid base for decisions
  • Finding the optimal setting

Course Objective:

  • Create efficient experimental designs to match the investigation objective.
  • Analyze experimental data using sound statistical principles
  • Use graphical and statistical tools for understanding
  • Communicate the results in graphical format
  • Use numerical and graphical optimization tools
  • Understand limitations and possibilities in conflict situations
  • Create follow up experiments when applicable

Course Duration and Venue

Venue of the course:
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Course dates:

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