BioPAT® MFCS | win - User Training

Basic Course

Who should attend: Users who start to work with BioPAT® MFCS | win and who want to use it for daily business.

This training is primarily directed towards persons starting with a new BioPAT® MFCS | win system or using BioPAT® MFCS | win for their daily work. The target of the training is to convey handling with the Batch-Management, Sample-Management, Plots and creation of fermentation documentation. Furthermore training for creation of calculations, profiles and using of recipes will be provided. The participants will have notebooks for hands on training.

Topics included:

  • Introduction into SCADA-System BioPAT® MFCS | win
  • Shell and Service Control Program
  • Data storing and Batch Management
  • Process Visualization with Operator Service
  • Batch Start, Batch Setup and Initialize defined Batch
  • Process automation with S88 Recipes (Using and Modification)
  • Off-line Data Management
  • Evaluation by Plotting
  • Reporting of Batches and Data export
  • Help Documentation

There are no special classes required for this seminar

We currently don't offer fixed dates for this training.

If you are interested in this topic, please e-mail us.

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