F3 - BioPAT® MFCS 4 User Training

This training covers the basics to get started with the new SCADA software BioPAT® MFCS 4. During the first part you will learn to use the software for your daily work with focus on reliable data acquisition and the use of advanced capabilities to facilitate visualization and comparison of live and historical process data. During the training you will add and visualize offline process data and it will be demonstrated how to access non-directly measureable quantities to gain more insight into your process.The aim of the second part of the training is to convey configu-ration and use of ISA-88 compliant recipes to implement sophisticated event based automation for reproducible processes. The concept of operations, phases and conditions will be explained in detail to let you make use of recipe automation in the most effective way.

Notebooks will be provided for hands on training.

Topics included:

Getting started with BioPAT® MFCS 4

  • Configuration of devices and units
  • Process data acquisition and visualization
  • Creation of new variables, online and offline calculations 
  • Visualization of calculated values and offline variables 
  • Charting of live and historical data
  • Introduction into process automation with the Recipe Control Module
  • Creation and modification of ISA-88 compliant recipes
  • Operations and Phases
  • Branches and conditions
  • Event and time-based transitions
  • Execution of recipe controlled batch processes

There are no special classes required for this seminar

We currently don't offer fixed dates for this training. If you are interested in this topic, please e-mail us.

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