Practical Testing of Balances

Target group: Staff working in service and maintenance departments.

In this practice-related training course, you will learn how to test modern and older balances at the place of installation, how to optimize measured results and do your own trouble shooting. The knowledge gained will help you to enhance the measuring accuracy and operability of your balances.

The theoretical and practical aspects include:

  • Basics of metrology, the most important parameters of a blance
  • Choosing and using the right calibration weights; calibration and adjustment procedures
  • Detecting and minimizing impact factors and interference at the workplace
  • Evaluating and optimizing weighing stations
  • Adapting applications software and weighing operating systems on laboratory balances and industrial scales
  • Error detection, first aid measures, practical tips

There are no special classes reqiured for this seminar

Seminar number: E3-2

Course Language:


Course dates:


Begin first day:

08:30 h

End last day:

16:30 h


Dedicated trainer from Sartorius

Course fee:

680 EUR (plus VAT)


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