Crossflow Filtration Training | Part 1

Target group:

Technicians and Scientists with, or without, previous knowledge of crossflow filtration.

The aim of this course is to provide you with state-of-the-art knowledge of the use of crossflow filtration in the biopharmaceutical industry.

The course consists of two parts which can be booked separately: Part 1 focusses on the fundamentals of crossflow filtration and optimizing crossflow filtration parameters for concentration and diafiltration.

Theoretical aspects include:

  • Crossflow filtration theory
  • Membrane characterization | membrane selection
  • Factors influencing performance
  • Operating conditions
  • Cleaning-in-place (CIP)
  • Applications in biotechnology

Practical exercises:

  • Operational set-up of the systems
  • Determination of clean water flux
  • Cell retention by microfiltration (model solution)
  • Concentration of a protein solution by ultrafiltration
  • Removal of low-molecular weight contaminants by diafiltration
  • Cleaning

Related topics and additional seminars: Crossflow Filtration Part 2
There are no special classes required for this seminar.

Seminar Registration Crossflow Part 1

Course Language: English

Course dates:


Begin first day:

9:00 am

End last day:

4:30 pm


Dedicated trainer and/or applications specialists

Course fee:

1130 EUR (plus VAT)


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