Sartorius AG
Press Release

Sartorius is a corporate partner of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

Göttingen, March 6, 2021

The life science group Sartorius has joined the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) as a corporate partner. The purpose of this global non profit organization founded in the USA is to promote women’s business networks and career advancement in the life sciences, thus achieving gender parity in leadership positions in this sector. The HBA has more than 10,000 individual members and around 150 corporate partners. Besides offering career conferences and education, the organization provides a mentoring program in which a tandem of women at different career levels and from different healthcare companies network to consult on career development topics. Sartorius’ active engagement in the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association came about at the suggestion of the Group's own women's network initiated in 2019, the Sartorius Businesswomen’s Association.

“Now at the corporate level, we are members of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association out of conviction. We consider the communication and interaction among women across businesses in the sector especially interesting and important. Both businesswomen as individuals and we as a corporate group stand to benefit,” said Sartorius CEO Joachim Kreuzburg. “For a technology company, the proportion of women at Sartorius is above average, 39 percent in our workforce and 38 percent in high level management positions. In this regard, we see ourselves on the right track, but are striving to become even better at including all talent in the best possible way.”