Jun 30, 2022
| 2 min

Sartorius in France Runs Against Childhood Cancer

The Teams at the Aubagne Site Take Action to Raise Funds for Children With Cancer

Participants from Sartorius in France who took up the challenge in front of the Pharo in Marseille; June 18, 2022

On June 18, 41 employees of Sartorius in France participated in the "Course des Flammes," a sports event for charitable purposes. This race, organized in close cooperation with "Sourire à la vie," a French solidarity association, which supports and accompanies children with cancer to support them through their treatment against the disease and aims to help preserve their childhood.

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The “Course des Flammes” is a race where participants run to carry a flame to children suffering from cancer as a sign of support and courage.  Proudly wearing their company colors, the Sartorius teams started the race in the heart of the city of Marseille and ran along the Prado beaches before finishing in the Mucem, a museum of 21st-century civilizations. Part of the teams were also participating on the water, where they paddled and kayaked along the Prado beaches to reach their finish line.

It was a real honor for the Sartorius Teams to have the opportunity to support such a great cause and a pleasure to meet up with colleagues during a friendly sporting event

Sandrine Lorfèvre, Contract Manager from Legal Department - Sartorius in France

Each participant is allowed to raise funds of up to 200€ per person for the association. At the end of the race, the teams from Sartorius raised more than 8,000€, which amounted to nearly 8% of the total amount collected by all the participants. This amount will allow the association to continue to mobilize for children suffering from cancer.

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