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Thank You For Attending 

Thank you to all those who have attended our virtual event on 9. November 2021 and welcome to those who did not manage to attend the event. 

We have prepared this page to give you the option to watch videos of the presentations and in order to learn more about MVDA and PAT Software. 

Fill out the form at the bottom to watch the recordings from the Embedded MVDA Focus Day PAT Automation. 

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PAT Automation

Production processes have changed significantly due to overall yield improvements and the development of new and updated measurement technologies. These enable you to use Process Analytical Technology (PAT) approaches for effective automation and optimization. The Umetrics® Suite of data analytics software gives you access to powerful yet easy-to-use tools to optimize your manufacturing processes and bring quality products to market faster. 

Upcoming Virtual Events

Join our upcoming virtual events and feel free to invite your customers, prospects, colleagues, and partners to Embedded Virtual Focus Days:

  • Embedded MVDA Focus Day: Edge, HIS, Build your own application: NEW DATE IN 2022 TBA


What is SIMCA®-Q

SIMCA®-Q is the embedded version of SIMCA® functionality that can be added to your application or software to execute, build, or simply predict from a SIMCA model right in your application. Seamless at your pace, for historical data, and in real-time with your customized output of our validated calculations.


  • To add AI and Machine Learning algorithms to your application
  • To automate and reduce the risk of human errors
  • To replace your unvalidated software application
  • To boost the efficiency of your workflows
  • To speed up the development time for your advanced data analytics software application
  • To add a simplified dedicated interface that suites your users better

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What is SIMCA®

SIMCA is the tool for creating an overview and understanding your complex data, spot important trends, clusters, and “hidden gems” in the data. It is also the model-building tool for many spectroscopic and real-time applications where you would like to monitor, predict or control using a validated and trusted model.


Data is one of your company's most valuable assets. Hidden in everyday process data and experimental results are the answers you need to reduce waste, increase revenue, and spot new business opportunities—but only if you can make sense of the complexity! With an advanced data analytics solution like SIMCA®, you and your teams can gain quick overviews and a better understanding of multifaceted issues. You can build models of complex systems and gain the deep process and product understanding that is needed to drive growth.

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