Chemical Processing eHandbook: Perfect Your Powder and Solids Processing

Authors: Chemical Processing | Last updated: 14/09/2022


The production of industrial grade chemicals is a highly specialized process that relies on fine-tuned protocols and advanced instrumentation technologies. Small changes in the shape, structure, or moisture content of the chemical can have significant, and costly implications down the road. 

This Chemical Processing eHandbook brings together some of the key learnings, trends, and applications in the industry to help chemical facilities stay current in their practices.  

  • Document type: eBook
  • Page count: 21
  • Read time: 20 minutes

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Key Takeaways

  • When drying solids, focus on the characteristics that are essential to the final product
  • When it comes to choosing solid or liquid separation equipment, cutting corners comes with risks
  • Anti-spilling weighing pan prevents errors when weighing small sample quantities
  • Vacuum conveying systems for mixer loading mitigate safety hazards, collect dust and eliminate laborious sanitation protocols

This Resource is Designed for:

  • People working in QC Labs for Bulk Chemical, Fine Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals, Cosmetics & Personal Care

  • QC and R&D Labmanager, Purchase Manager, Lab Technicians, Research engineer, Innovation manager

Applications Supported:

  • Dyring solids
  • Choosing solid/liquid separation equipment
  • Eliminating residue
  • Speeding mixer loading

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