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Sartorius starts up operations at expanded site in Puerto Rico

Göttingen, Germany | Yauco, Puerto Rico – June 18, 2019

  • Investment of more than 100 million U.S. dollars
  • Area designed for future growth

After investing more than 100 million U.S. dollars, Sartorius, a leading international partner of biopharmaceutical research and the industry, started up its expanded manufacturing operations in Yauco, Puerto Rico. The U.S. market is primarily supplied from this site, given that Sartorius has been growing strongly in this marketplace at above-average rates over the past several years. “Operationally and strategically, this expansion is an important investment for us. The considerably higher production capacities created as a result now give us leeway to deliver an even wider product array directly from the region to our American customers and to implement our ambitious growth plans in the Americas,” said Sartorius Executive Board Chairman and CEO Joachim Kreuzburg to approximately 500 employees and guests at the opening ceremony on Tuesday in Yauco.

The company substantially extended the plant in Puerto Rico within a construction phase of around three years, more than doubling production capacity of membrane filters and single-use bags for biopharmaceutical manufacture. Moreover, substantial capacity was created for the first time outside the company’s German headquarters in Göttingen for manufacturing filter membrane.

The factory site of around 2 million square feet, or 190,000 square meters, in southwestern Puerto Rico is designed for further long-term growth: it enables Sartorius to at least double its manufacturing capacities once more as needed. “Puerto Rico stands out as offering a business‑friendly environment and a favorable investment climate. Yet what is even more important for us is that for more than 35 years, we have had a team of capable and reliable staff in place, who ensure excellent product quality and delivery deadline compliance,” emphasized Kreuzburg.

Since 1982, Sartorius has been manufacturing filters in Yauco and, since 2012, sterile single-use bags. Currently, more than 500 people work at Sartorius in Yauco.

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