Sep 29, 2020
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Successful university partnership: Students visit Sartorius Shanghai site

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110 students from the East China University of Science and Technology visited Sartorius in Shanghai as part of a long-term cooperation.

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For more than three years, Sartorius has been cooperating with the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai, one of the top‑ranking universities for biosciences, biotechnology and bioengineering in China. After the institute of higher learning had resumed regular in-presence classes at the beginning of September, the two partners quickly agreed to have students visit the Sartorius site.

On September 10, around 110 students from the Bioscience and Biotechnology Faculties took this long-awaited opportunity to learn about Sartorius state‑of‑the‑art lab instruments and bioprocess solutions. “For me, it’s really impressive to see so many advanced instruments. Unlike the partial introduction in the lessons, the practical experience at Sartorius about bioprocessing really broadened our horizons,” said Yiran Zhao, one of the student visitors.

Early career development through Young Eagle program

In order to participate in the high Chinese market growth and gain the upper hand in the competition for attracting talent, building strong contacts with university students is becoming increasingly important for Sartorius in China. At the same time, the budding scientists are eager to gain insights into the practical work in biotech and to start off their careers in an international environment. In 2017, Sartorius together with ECUST thus initiated the Young Eagle program.

As part of this collaboration, Sartorius has been offering internship opportunities to around 25 students and has employed 40 graduates from ECUST, mostly in Sales and Application Services functions. In addition, around 800 students have been to the Sartorius office and Application Center in Shanghai, taking the opportunity to learn how they can apply their university knowledge in real-world business and obtain a more concrete idea of the professional direction in which they wish to move.

Sartorius and ECUST look forward to extending their partnership once the Application Center and the Process Validation Lab open at the new Sartorius Shanghai site in 2021.

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