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Getting a better knowledge of the process and all variable elements included can significantly improve the development stages and facilitate a shorter time-to-market. Process parameters, cells and cell culture media interact in a challenging way to define the productivity and quality of the protein output. Process-integrated media service provided by Sartorius, makes you thinking differently about cell culture media in the upstream process and what benefits it can bring to you.

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Sartorius Lonza offers the combined experience of two industry leading companies and can help guide your selection of a benchmarking media...


Spent Media Analysis Service

Supporting Successful Data Driven Cell Culture Development

For this analysis, samples of cell culture media are periodically withdrawn, centrifuged, and the identity and amount of media components present in the supernatant is determined by suitable analytical methods. The components we can investigate are amino acids, glucose, water-soluble vitamins.

The minimum required volume is 1 mL of cell-free and filter-sterilized culture supernatant for amino acids and vitamins, either combined or separate. Cryovials are a good container for sending the samples.

CHOptimizer® - Optimized Media and Feed Strategy for CHO Based...

CHOptimizer® combines a modern, high-throughput approach with traditional ideas to deliver an optimized medium in a short timeline. It also...


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