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Best engineered vacuum filtration devices

Sartolab® Vacuum Filtration Devices for clog free, trouble-free vacuum filtration

Sartolab® Vacuum Filtration Devices with 0.1 µm and 0.22 µm PES membranes are convenient filtration units for 150 mL to 1 L sample volume. Sartolab® RF as a complete system includes receiver flasks. Sartolab® BT is a bottle top filter without receiver flasks enabling customers to use their own receiver bottles and to expand the filtration capacity depending on the particle load of the filtered liquid by filling more than one receiver flask. Sartolab® 150V is a disposable vacuum filter with a pleated 0.22 µm PES membrane which is suitable for filtration of up to 15 L liquid.

  • Sterile filter from 150 mL to 15 L of liquids
  • Available with and w/o receiver flasks for ultimate in adaptability
  • Versatile selection offers the best fit for your vacuum filtration needs

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