Robust and Easy to Use Connections and Disconnections

Backed with Solid Validation and Operator Training

Modern single-use biomanufacturing involves millions of manual connections and disconnections to maintain a closed fluid path between the different process steps. With multiple technologies and more than 1.2 millions of sterile connections supplied every year, we help you implement the most effective solution for your specific process requirements. Sterility Assurance is proven by our stringent validation regimes and track records. The consistent performances of our technologies rely on robust designs, product validation, ease of use, qualification, maintenance and operator training services.

Opta® Sterile Connectors

Connection In 3 Clicks and 30 Seconds: The Opta® SFT range of Sterile Connectors allows fast and reliable sterile connection and sterile fluid...

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BioWelder® TC Welds TPE Tubing Automatically with Full Traceability

Hands Free Sterile Connections: BioWelder® TC is a fully automated device for connecting thermoplastic (TPE) tubing in a sterile welding operation.

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BioWelder® Total Containment - Fully automated device for welding dry and liquid filled tubing

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Clipster® Provides Flexibility to Disconnect on the Spot

Anytime, Anywhere: Clipster® is a standalone or pre assembled disconnection device for any type of existing and new transfer lines and bag...

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QUICKSEAL® Pre-installed Sterile Disconnection

3, 2, 1, Done! Installed on an array of tube materials including platinum-cured silicone and thermoplastic elastomers, QUICKSEAL® is the...

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BioSealer® Seals Your TPE tubing in One Click

Press and Go: BioSealer® is a fully automated device for the sterile disconnecting of thermoplastic (TPE) tubing. The hand-held version allows...

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