Optimized Media and Feed Strategy

The biopharmaceutical industry mainly uses mammalian cell cultures for the production of proteins as targets for human and animal diseases. As a result, new development processes are complex and highly challenging due to a number of factors.

CHOptimizer® Media Builder service is an advanced; Design of Experiments (DoE) approach to media optimization for CHO-based processes.

Designed for Performance and Flexibility

CHOptimizer® combines a modern, high-throughput approach with traditional ideas to deliver an optimized medium in a short timeline. It also includes field support and offers full access to the specific formula to ensure the ultimate in flexibility for the future.

CHOptimizer® includes:

  • ~10 days of work performed by application specialists
  • Media supplies including optimized media and feed
  • DoE software analytics
  • Spent media analysis (96 tests)
  • ambr® 15 and consumables


Custom optimized media

Identify the Best Mix

  • 24 blends from 4 base solutions

Identify Process Conditions

  • Pick 3-4 blends from DoE simulation
  • Identify 2-3 replicates, investigate temperature, pH, etc.
  • Perform spent media analysis

Identify Feed Strategy

  • Optimize process | feed strategy
  • Determine final solution with feed
  • Build feeds based on spent media analysis
  • Test different feeds and feeding strategies

Benefit from Fully Optimized Media

Optimizing your media and feeds leveraging the experience and expertise of Lonza Sartorius will, in addition to increase titers, permit to increase your process and cell know-how. Our media development experts will guide you.

Design of Experiments (DoE) software

Fully optimized media reduces time to market

Cutting-edge bioreactor system (ambr® 15)

Platform approach with control over process and costs

Complete Services for Your Media Development

Our media optimization toolbox will bring you a systemic approach for the difference phases of your product development.

From benchmarking off the shelf solution for fast media selection, fully outsourced media optimization service and CHOptimizer® Media Builder service to bring you custom optimized media for your specific needs.

ambr® 15

ambr® 15 fermentation is an automated microscale bioreactor system designed for microbial applications...

Media Blends

4 base solutions resulting from more than 50 years of experience and know-how in media development,...

CHOptimizer® — Optimized Media and Feed Strategy

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