A1 - An Introduction to Fermentation

Who should attend: Technicians and scientists without any or basic practical knowledge of cultivation of microorganisms or cell culture.

This course gives you an overview about the fundamentals of fermentation like typical applications, organisms, fermentation techniques and process control. Here you will learn the theoretical background knowledge to better understand your own fermentation processes and to perform them more confidently.

This course covers:

  • Chemical and biological principles of fermentation
  • Organisms and expression systems used for production
  • Basics principles of bioreactor technologies: components and functions of a bioreactor
  • Different fermentation modes (batch, fed-batch, continuous fermentation)
  • Basic principles of process control: sensors and automation
  • Performing simulation experiments on the virtual bioreactor
  • Downstream processing: What comes after fermentation?

Seminar number: A1

Course Language: German
Course dates | Venue:On Request
Sartorius Campus, Goettingen
Course duration:2 days
Seminar schedule:
Begin first day:09:00 am
End last day:04:00 pm
Trainer:Dr. Kristina Hoffmann-Astroth
Course fee:

1080,00 Euro (excl. VAT)